The Writing Voice when You don’t Have a Writing Voice

How is your writing voice like you? How does your writing voice differ from you?

If I weren’t so damned scared to actually allow my voice out I wonder what it would sound like?

When my fingers dash across the keyboard at 80wpm in a frenzied vent or a chaotic flurry of creativity I am often astonished at the result.  Mind you that kind of carry on doesn’t last more than a few paragraphs because the ‘nice’ orderly, overachiever shows up in the nick of time and hits the backspace/delete key.   At that point the pace slows and my fingers have reconnected with the left brain to gently tap out something ‘nice’  something my father would approve of.  I’m disturbed I just wrote that but there it is, out in the open.  Maybe now I can start exorcising him as the inner critic and set about finding my writing voice without censure.


Having re-committed to blogging in November I’ve visited lots of blogs, and read and written comments on many.  Some take little effort to read.  I understand their sentiments and can relate with their topic.  The style is easy and the tone conversational.  Sometimes I feel I should have a coffee, pull up a chair and invite myself in for a catch up.  Their on-line presence is comfortable and chatty, inviting and hospitable even.  Others were less appealing.  Knowing where I fit on the continuum is a quandary.  Maybe somewhere between comfortable, yet smart, and pithy with a bit of humour to mix it up.

Apostrophe Grammar ManI understand the techniques of long sentences to slow the pace and short staccato sentences (and alliteration) to convey urgency or intensity.  Apostrophes are a pet hobby and given the Type A personality that inhabits my body I can get annal when punctuation marks are abused.  So grammar and spelling aren’t the issue here.  Knowing what my written word “sounds” like is the difficulty.  When I read my paragraph my mind adds inflection and knows what tone it is conveying.  But how is it perceived by others?  I hope to find out in March.

So while I thought March was going to be thirty-one days of navel gazing I’m a tad excited about ‘finding myself’ sometime soon.  I am pleased that I’ve stopped stalking the stats page or being disappointed at the lack of comments or likes. Forgive me for feeling like I’ve grown up a little. I want to write, not because I’m looking for affirmation (although that would be nice) or applause but just because when I wake in the morning I know I have something to say; only sometimes it takes me all day to find out what it is!

It’s fitting, me feels, to be embarking on this voyage of discovery in March which is my birthday month.  My Happy Voice-Finding Month.


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