Blogging Dilemma

In October last year I visited the blog I set up with WordPress in 2009, posted a few times and then forgot about it.  It was a sad uncomfortable experience.  I felt I was imposing as the posts were strange pieces I didn’t recognise.  They lay there like long forgotten bodies, not evoking any urge to stir them up or try and breath fresh life into them.  The urge to shove the crypt door shut was strong and then I found the Blogher and NaBloPoMo websites.

I read a lot of bloggers’ writings and wandered around the website of NaBloPoMo.  Could I write every day?  That had been the challenge in 2009, what to write about and how often.  NaBloPoMo made the challenge a little less daunting and I signed up.  At the time there were challenges in every area of my life so it was serendipity that the month’s theme was – PRESSURE!  In I plunged, signed on the dotted line and wrote 24 posts in November (between two blogs), 29 in December, 31 in January and completed February with 28 posts.  Four months’ posts totalling 112 compared to the previous five years total of 34.

Two months of this year gone and March arrived this morning.  I want to shout STOP, it’s all moving too quickly.   I’ve blogged daily, well nearly, since November and today I feel tired and thinking about time out. There’s a tensioning between two sides of the debate. Push through, what may simply be a dry patch, or take a March break and risk walking away again.

On the other hand the prompts for March look interesting … the teaser reads “Discover Something about Yourself“.  It could be another adventure to find out who I am … in March.  It’ll be a whole other dimension being courageous enough to let others in on well kept secrets.  It is daunting to think that I am still surprised by my reaction to some situations so finding out what makes me tick might highlight certain behaviours and attitudes.  Do I want to know about them?  Probably not but it will be a month of exploration with curly questions providing food for thought.

We Can Do It

One of the questions asked in the introductory blurb is do I do better in a group or going it alone?   That each and every one of us are unique is not news but learning that others want to celebrate each blogger and who we are is enough to bring on an introvert cave moment.  But we did mention the ‘courageous’ word and that others would be sharing too.  Does that lessen this foreboding?  Not sure.

Hmm March blogging … Maybe?   Maybe not … Maybe sleep on it and see what the morning brings.


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