Outdoors or Indoors? My Preference is …

Do you prefer to be outdoors or indoors?

The restorative effective of gardening supports my general well-being as well as providing time out to contemplate, or ruminate over, situations taking up head space. The benefits of being in the sun while being occupied with a creative activity has helped me to problem solve while digging, pulling and preparing the ground for seeds and seedlings.

When I spend time noticing the composition of nature in birds and plants I feel inspired, intrigued by so many aspects of nature whether in the bush or our garden. There is a seemlessness of the outdoors that makes me feel calm and want to slow down to enjoy the surroundings. When I am unwell being outside always makes me feel better; out in the fresh air doing anything is better than being indoors.


The outdoors is

  • Limitless
  • Always changing
  • A mosaic of: bush, coastal reserves, beaches, rivers, lakes, rain forests, stands of trees, wetlands, creeks, dams: so much diversity.


Of course there are times when being indoors is necessary like night time, colder climates, or when we’re sheltering from the weather. While the outdoors is ever changing, being cooped indoors for a length of time can bring on cabin fever and makes me feel disatisfied and bored, and that’s despite or because of, the many chores begging to be done. There are favourite indoor times in Winter months when we are home in the evenings.  I cannot think of a single Summer indoor activity that outranks the outdoor equivalent.  However there are some things to enjoy out being indoors in the colder months.

  • The MOTH usually has the fire roaring and there is something so toasty cozy and inviting about walking in from the cold to the cheeriness of a winter fire.
  • Lying on the couch wrapped in a quilt in front of the fire with a good book; blissful.
  • Thick homemade minestrone soup is soul food for indoor weather.

Fire in hearth

The outdoors would be my preference of where to spend time although I wouldn’t want to be without the indoor experiences that wrap me in their warmth and comfort.


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