In My Garden

Sacrificing the front lawn for pumpkins, cucumber, zucchini and squash seems like sacrilege.  It was a suggestion from a gardening guru in our local newspaper.  When people look at the house from the street it is the house front and the lawn as it slopes towards them that is either appealing or repelling.  The approach to a house has been said to be one of the most important hooks when enticing people to move from the outside appeal to explore what lies beyond the front door.  Not all of us are gardeners and it may be a solution if available space already hosts the veggie and flower gardens.

Laying lawn and regularly manuring it is a labour of love which I’m prepared to invest in as the rewards are worthwhile.  I also don’t mind pushing the lawn mower about:  I’m outdoors getting my dose of sunshine and it’s a healthy way to exercise.  The most beautiful garden is not fully dressed until the lawns are mown and the edges neatly trimmed.  I don’t know of a more pleasurable activity than to be able to sit in a garden surrounded by one’s endeavours; endeavours that have encouraged beauty, colour and created a haven for native birds.

This afternoon I thinned the beetroot seedlings and watered the small veggie patch I established a few weeks ago.  The radishes were the first to push through and have shot away since being thinned and spaced out.  The Community Garden at work had thrown out some rhubarb crowns which now front the veggie patch.  I’m looking for my first batch in a couple of months’ time.

Le Jardin Potager

Le Jardin Potager

The meteorological office has been forecasting rain for the past few weeks but apart from one night we’ve had no alternative but to water our garden if we wanted it to survive.

Sunday afternoon used to be a time of rest when we visited Granny and Grandpa for Sunday lunch which was invariably a roast accompanied by all the trimmings.  We needed the afternoon to be a quiet time to allow the food to digest.  Nowadays Sundays can be hectic times of catching up or heading into the grocery store to stock the pantry for the coming week.  However, today has been an old fashioned slow Sunday afternoon.  When there is time to hand water the gardens there is time too to rest your eyes and take note of bugs and insects that have made different plants their home.


This beauty had found the dwarf blood orange tree

In another part of the garden the self-sown chilli bush has again produced a bowlful of red and green chillies.  Some will go to friends and workmates and because the freeze so well the remainder will be popped into the freezer waiting to season our next Thai Chicken Curry or Indian Madras Curry.


How does your garden grow?  In a pretty row or wandering wherever it chooses?


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