My Happy Writing Space

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Excerpt from a previous post

The invitation makes me think that others may have a special place assigned in which to spend wonderful hours happily preparing blogs. I’m envious of you all. Such discipline and commitment. Maybe that’s my problem; my yen to bang out a blog a day is outranked by an equally strong drive to create the perfect environment in which to wax lyrical. I’ll just make a coffee, hang the laundry out, bring it in, put the answer phone on, clear the mail box, check emails, respond to those urgent ones (well, other peoples’ urgent). Half an hour later and I’m back in my study: what am I in here for? Oh yes need to tidy things up a bit and clear off the desktop and find my computer. Finally sitting facing a blank ‘sheet of paper’ and Voila! No inspiration, no desire, no commitment, no discipline. Yep, creating that perfect blogging bungalow has killed the creativity.  

The Night Time Writing Space

The Night Time Writing Space

Tonight I’m ensconced in the study.  I didn’t think my nocturnal creative space looked quite that bad.  Things are supposed to look better in photos not worse … In real estate photos the smallest homes take on shiny palatial dimensions and looks quite magnificent.  I’mdisappointed with how untidy my creative space looks.  As you can see things have changed quite a bit since the excerpted post above.  Amazing what a few  months of NaBloPoMo will do for one’s Type A tendencies.  I’m  disappointed with how untidy my creative space looks. 

How does your writing space look?  Is it neat and tidy awaiting your creative flow?  Or is it untidy like mine?  Do you ever get to drink your cuppa while it’s still hot?


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