Letter to Myself … Ten Years from Now

What do you think you’ll be doing ten years from now on February 13, 2024?

Dear You (Ten years from today)

If you are reading this letter it will mean you safely arrived in 2024.  Perhaps a little battered and bruised from unexpected life events that took you by surprise.  Whatever, you’re here now, congratulations!

Thinking of you being another ten years older is a little frightening as, chronologically, you weren’t that young ten years ago.  So I guess that makes you pretty darn ancient now!  (Joke – NOT).   But hey, look at you who would have thought you’d live longer than either of your parents and still be rocking the socks off the MOTH (man of the house).  He was bound to still be going strong with longevity in his DNA which makes me happy because I don’t know how you would be on your own.  I’ve always thought of you as a couple and I can’t begin to imagine how things would be for the other if one of you weren’t there.

Travelling around Australia in a pop top caravan that has a loo and shower!  Well, well – you did it.  Although I do remember how you scoffed at the notion of ever being soft enough to want a loo and shower a few steps away.  Needs must, huh.  The Grey Nomad Club is a great idea and meeting others on the road travelling similarly would be good company.  Mind you I can’t imagine you and the MOTH ever running out of things to talk about.

I notice you still love music and the updated Bose Sound Link Mini will be adding a touch of class to the pop top – nice, what a pair of groovers.  It doesn’t surprise me to hear you are powering through your reading pile, as books have always been a big part of your relaxation times.   I remember the Kindle you were so fond of,  no doubt it will have many more books stored on it now,  must be reaching it’s capacity of 1200 books.  Maybe it’s been superseded by some other gizmo.   I know you will have kept up with the latest technology because of your geeky tendency.

It makes my heart glad to know that you still love the feel of the ocean waves and rough and tumble of the surf.  When you say you’re still body boarding and still falling off and being dumped by crashing waves I worry that you’re not being careful with yourself.   Please remember that as you age your bones and body bits become fragile and recover more slowly than they used to.  And please tell me that you’ve stopped riding that blessed bicycle.  Did you ever learn to stop without landing in a heap on the ground?  It might have been the cause of great amusement to you and the MOTH but I worried about you breaking a wrist or arm.  Nowadays there are trendy old lady motorised three wheelers, far and away more sensible at your age.

Eating a colourful Mediterranean diet, enjoying the odd glass of pink bubbles, reading, spending time with your son, daughter in law, and your daughter and her son and getting out with the older set seems to be keeping you young at heart and healthy in body.  Working must seem like something from another life.  I bet you don’t miss it.  I’m envious, I’m still figuring how to sneak away from the workforce while someone continues to pay me.  You always said that once you retire you’ll be busier than ever and it certainly seems to have panned out that way.

Best close now before this becomes a novella.  Lovely to catch up again.

Love and hugs to you both

Me  in 2014  🙂

P.S.:  Are you still getting in to the gym each week?


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