Problems and Perspective

Do you think you do a good job of keeping problems in perspective?

Problems cycle around my mind continuously.  We all have them: all the bills have to paid this week; a child is ill which means more time off work ; being unhappy at work; discontent in a marriage; no food in the fridge because the pay didn’t go in when it should have, blah blah blah.  Everyone has them, problems, and those that don’t appear to have them either have a perspective of managing curly issues of which I’m insanely jealous, or they’re oblivious to the proverbial smelly stuff that’s about to hit the fan.

You’re alive!  You have problems.  It’s that simple.

Perspective on the other hand allows some folk to look at their problems and rationalise the seriousness of the problem.  Is it a molehill or is it truly a problem of mountainous proportions.  I am more effective at keeping problems in perspective if I look at the bigger picture, of which the context is important.  Being able to identify all elements of the problem and how they fit into the scheme of things helps me to break the problem into solvable challenges – and I do love a challenge!    In those circumstances I think I manage my problems with a right perspective.

Keeping perspective if the problem is related to a loved one is more difficult.  My perception can be clouded with intense emotion which means I can’t be objective about problem-solving.  It takes time to settle down, process the problem and move ahead.   I have to say that I am probably not good at keeping problems in perspective when they are emotionally charged and that goes for any situation.  I have to walk away and give myself time to sort out what is really going on.



2 thoughts on “Problems and Perspective

  1. Such a thoughtful post. Just what I needed to read too! Thank you for the kind visit today and comment on my get well card for my friend. She is doing very poorly and after seeing my late husband go through cancer treatment and not making it, I am feeling so very sad etc. but you post came on a day when I needed to focus. Thank you!


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