Prized Possession

Show me Fridays:  Upload an image (with or without words) of your most prized possession

My paternal grandfather worked at his tapestry frame weaving many intricate pictures from the old masters.  He crafted these at a steady pace after work each day and over weekends.  The tapestries together with Granny’s collection of Grandfather and Grandmother clocks gave their home strong classic tones.


The Laughing Cavalier
Original painting by Frans Hals

Grandpa worked his way through many of the the old masters and then moved on to the Dickens characters.  I remember  Mr Pickwick, Mr Micawber and Peggotty hanging in the hall and running past them as I was  scared of them as their eyes followed you.  Each meticulously crafted piece was then delivered to the framer who helped Grandpa select a frame best suited to the tapestry.

Mrs Gainsborogh

Mrs Siddons
Original painting by Thomas Gainsborough

Grandpa was still working at his tapestry frame well into retirement and on his death some were inherited by my father and aunt.  They found their way into my brother’s care and he offered them to me.   The frames were damaged on the journey across the world but were successfully restored by a masterful framer who appreciated their worth and understand how valuable they were to me.  These two tapestries and Grandpa’s engraved snuff box are my most treasured possessions; irreplaceable and beyond price.


One thought on “Prized Possession

  1. It is so wonderful to have those tapestries, the making of which meant a lot to your grandfather. Things like that become almost a symbol of the person.
    I have many of the things that Dad made from wood, and they mean a lot to me. I also have his shaving brush and several other personal items that he used during WWII. They too are very special.


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