January’s Pressure

Did you feel a lot of pressure with January’s NaBloPoMo?

Where did the last month go!  Four weeks on a merry-go-round of work, sleep and blog.  The month of ‘Pressure” has been a stretch although not as much as the earlier days back in November when I returned to have another try at blogging.  As well as having posted each day in the month it was an important month as I posted my 100th blog.  It is a milestone I’m proud of.

Number 100

Exploring aspects of pressure which, under normal circumstances,  I would not have given a thought to, has given me insight about which situations I need to manage better and highlighted other situations I feel confident to handle the stress.  I am disappointed that I am still struggling with the same issues that were difficult in my earlier year.  Never mind tomorrow is a brand new day.

There has been a purpose about writing to a programme each night and a feeling of accomplishment knowing that thirty-one posts will be forever tucked into January’s archives.  There was pressure during the month especially at times when planned events ‘got in the way’ of blogging.  Returning to work after the holiday season meant our evenings were a rush home from work, eat, tidy up and blog.  There must be a way to balance the life/blog dynamic.

In the meantime I’ve signed onto the February NaBloPoMo blogroll which may be a tad ambitious.  Having completed three months on the trot my mind is telling me to take a break but the other mind is reminding me that it took hard work and effort to get into this flow … will it be risky to let go now?

How did you travel through January?

Will you be taking on February’s NaBloPoMo’s challenge?


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