One Thing Right Now

If you could persuade people to do one thing right now, what would it be?

No brainer here there are a number of people in my circle I could round up at a moment’s notice and persuade them to get in touch with their behaviours.  However, I feel it would entail more than mere persuasion.  More likely be a scenario of having to manacle them to furniture and give them a crash course of  life skills.  But really, how come so many out there are so blasé about their poor behaviours.

Shame, I’m being very harsh aren’t I.  But the harm caused by our own lack of self-awareness or understanding of others often lasts into the future.  When those harms are internalised the hurt often morphs into one of the many voices of the inner critic.  Painful.

Please people get some awareness of how your bad behaviours affect others.  So many people have zero self awareness or understanding of how others tick.  Knowing how we do what we do and how/why it affects others can help reduce conflicts and emotional harms.  Conflicts can either flair up or percolate dangerously as passive aggression.  Neither is pretty nor nice and neither helps us win friends or influence people.

Understanding what motivates us and knowing how we react/respond in difficult circumstances would be a wonderful start.  Maybe that could be the one thing right now I could persuade people to do.  Raising self awareness is something for the hardy and brave and only we can do that for ourselves.  Others can provide information and feedback but in the end we take the offering on board and digest it or we spit it out and continue unchanged.


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