Time, Perfectionism and a Work in Progress

What puts more pressure on you:  time constraints or achieving perfection?

Time constraints, for someone who lives life with the procrastination pedal pushed hard to the floorboards, tend to make me one of the saddest people in the world.  Not really, well maybe just a little.  In fact it’s one of the most anxiety-provoking issues for any anyone with such a ‘disability’.  Perfectionism into the mix and whoo-ah we have lift off in the chaos stakes!  Definite melt-down material.

At work most tasks are time-constrained and in my defence I will add that said tasks are administration focus rather than client-focussed.  Given a choice between the two, spending time with clients far outweighs the tedium of being desk bound and therein lies the pressure.  If the lead-in time is generous then my perfectionistic mojo kicks in.  Some of you out there in blogosphere know that being perfect takes time and effort; and usually more time than allowed for in any interpretation of ‘generous lead in time”.  Having spent far too long in the initial stages, the first part of the project is a work of art (administratively, is there such a thing?) and the last part of the project is gathered together like a dog’s breakfast.  BUT … the job gets done.

So, okay already! That’s not the right way to go about paid employment but I’m a work in progress.  C’mon, does no  one else do these things?  People?  Am I on my own here?  Please!  Someone?


4 thoughts on “Time, Perfectionism and a Work in Progress

  1. I must agree that the combination of time constraints and the feeling one must be perfect does create stress, anxiety and then sometimes a resistance to having to do something.
    I tend to put off what I don’t want to do until the time comes when I must do it. That gives me the stimulus to get unappealing tasks completed. Perhaps not perfectly, but at least adequately (I hope).Because I am no longer in paid employment, I don’t have those stresses. However I do have the stress put out by my conscience – which is just too darned well-developed!


  2. I used to tell myself that I “worked better under pressure” ~ now I just accept the fact that if something’s not interesting to me, I’m going to put it off as long as possible. Afraid I had to give up on the whole perfectionism thing many, MANY moons ago!


    • Absolutely agree with the reasons to procrastinate Dani am working on the perfectionism, still but getting better each time I catch myself making another correction. Thanx for dropping by.


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