Pressure Relief Valve: No. 7: Books

Reading is one of the greatest skills we can learn.  It opens opportunities to imagine, gain knowledge, escape the mundaneness of life and a place in which to lose ourselves.  To me a home without a bookshelf is a home without a soul.  How sad.

Maisy Makes LemonadeA child who grows up in a house where books are loved will develop a similar respect and love of the written word.  There’s something special about holding a book, smelling its pages, feeling the thickness of the paper and seeing drawings that illustrate, or reading, as the story unfolds.  It sparks the imagination no Uncle Tom's Cabinmatter the age of the person.  Whether Maisy is Making Lemonade or Uncle Tom’s in his Cabin, to the reader the thrill of the story and how our mind pictures the adventure are priceless.

The books we own have survived numerous culls and fall into three basic categories:  the classics, those into which we’re likely to read again and again and the third lot are the how to books.  I’m sure we can’t be the only ones that have these in our shelves.  How to retire on next to nothing; How to have your cake and eat it too; Managing Complex Personalities; and How to Get your Mother-in-Law on Side (big waste of money).  I’m seriously looking at those and thinking:  we both still work; if I’ve got cake I’m not hungry or it’s not the right kind; some people still piss me off; and rather than get on my side the mother-in-law took the easy way out and died (coward).

Curling up with a good book is a definite stress buster.  With a shrinking bookshelf I’ve invested in a kindle which I love.  It’s portable and I can have 1, 200 books on the go at the same time.  Here’s the best part, the dinky device remembers exactly where I am up to in each of them!  Maybe that’s one of the few shortcomings of real books, if you drop it or lose your page, and haven’t been paying attention (the eyes are moving but the brain has gone ta-tahs) it’s five minutes before you find your place again.  The kindle knows when I’ve fallen asleep (because I haven’t turned a page for a while) and quietly turns itself off and bookmarks my nodding off point.


2 thoughts on “Pressure Relief Valve: No. 7: Books

    • Glad you reminded me about books for comfort. I have many that I keep going back to dip into and others I read every couple of years. Also have fond memories of library time both at school and during school holidays with my father.


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