How often do I Lose My Temper?

Do you have a bad temper?  How often do you lose your temper?

Coffee makes everything beautiful again

Coffee makes everything beautiful again

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen you lose your temper,” said the MOTH (man of the house).  What a kind and gracious answer is that.  Too gracious methinks!  But he should know, he’s lived with me for more years than either of us can remember (well, almost).I like to think I’m a nice person who treats others with courtesy and respect.  I learned to stand up for myself as a very young child and have tempered those strategies over the years.  Rather than lose my cool, I become very articulate and assertive when something rubs me up the wrong way.

I would never tell a douche bag that they were being, well … a douche bag. Generally the thought remains within the safety of my mind.  Although I don’t have a bad temper I do know that my tone of voice becomes quite edgy if I’m annoyed or under pressure.

I can’t remember the last time I lost my temper although there are many times when I’ve raised my voice and assertively articulated my opinion.  I think I’m a pretty good egg and as easy going as it gets.  There are personality types I steer clear of, otherwise I get along with most people – as long as they’re not being a douche bag.


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