Blogging and Commenting Renegotiated

As we near the mid-way point of our theme for the month, which is pressure,  much of the focus has been toward how individuals respond to difficult circumstances.  Questions asking how we respond to pressure; are we procrastinators or list-checkers; have we   given in under pressure and whether or not peer pressure can be positive.

It has been a stretch to read the posts and then leave a comment of encouragement.  I feel the post deserves an equally well thought out response rather than a glib:  good post.  This is where I trip up because I tend to navigate away before having left some pithy response.   My challenging day job often leaves me quite pithless.  Shame on me!  I know.  It doesn’t help to know that part of my commitment to blogging was to do precisely that – visit, read and comment on other blogs.

As a cup half full person it’s de-motivating to think about what I haven’t done with half the month.    Rather I want to look at what had been achieved with the two weeks to date and here’s what I found.

Every day I posted

Every day I had read at least four other peoples’ blogs

Every day I had written my morning pages

Every day I enjoyed looking for different styles of writing

Every day I’m amazed at the range of interests

Some days I posted comments on blogs

Other days I visited blogs and stayed a while

On a few days days posts were smaller because I was tired

With a strength-based approach to life the list made me feel better.  So much better in fact that I  lightened up and renegotiated the deal – with myself.   In the spirit of less is more, the committee of one (moi) has decided that leaving just one comment on one person’s blog each day is enough.   I’ve also given myself permission to leave short less than erudite comments, maybe even a written high five (not sure how you do that but it sounds good).  At the end of the month I’ll have left thirty-one comments.

It is about self-care.  Knowing how to stay well in the face of fatigue and busyness helps us to build resilience so that when the going gets tough we are able to spring back quicker.

This I can do.


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