So Much to Do. So Little Time.

It had to happen and it almost, nearly …  well, just about did.  BUT it didn’t get the better of me.  I overcame the urge to let it slide but remembering this month’s theme is pressure my better self pushed through and here’s my contribution to the blogroll tonight.

My commitment to NaBloPoMo has been a daily venture into managing my free time and having to decide between either blobbing in front of my favourite television programme, or blogging in front of my computer.  For the past twelve days a post has gone up each day without blood, sweat or tears and tonight I was on target for another successful post.  Ah, the best laid plans of mice and men, huh!

Leaving work early was a deliberate move if I was to have the items on the ubiquitous to do list checked off by the time I tucked myself into bed tonight.  One thing led to another and here I am at half past my bed time and still no post.  With my blog partly written it wouldn’t have take much polishing to be at a presentable point to liberate it.  No such luck.  A long-overdue letter to a sponsor child, a birthday card for same child, two phone calls to independently living other child, dishes and laundry (still in the washing machine needing to be hung out) and here I sit, still.  So with the proposed partial blog still nesting in draft stage and eyelids being dragged southward by the sandman I am posting one of tonight’s achievements.

Handmade by Linda Stewart

Handmade by Linda Stewart

While I love that there is tomorrow to continue with the proposed blog I do like that I got something up tonight.  So far so good with the monthly challenge.  How are you doing?  What barriers have you experienced that have posed a challenge to posting each day?  I’d like to hear how you press in and get it done.


4 thoughts on “So Much to Do. So Little Time.

  1. Thanx Lissa. Yes it is tempting to get side-tracked especially when written creative isn’t happening. Thank you for stopping by. Take care 🙂


  2. Hi Lynda, I’m with you on getting ourselves into a new headspace as far as blogging goes. I’ve just given myself permission to ‘downsize’ my personal expectations. I know we’ll get to the end of the month and will have achieved so much more than posting to the blogroll. Thank you again for stopping by. Take care.


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