A Few of my Favourite Things: Pressure Relief Valve No. 4

We associate weekends with a slower pace and spending time involved in recreational activities.  Gatherings with friends in parks for picnics or going out for tea, perhaps staying in and watching a favourite movie on DVD or going out to visit friends or relatives.  So many ways in which to spend out down time.  

This weekend has been a perfect blend of moderate exercise around the garden, weeding, pruning and an hour of lawn mowing after which there was time spent reading in the sun and swimming.  Last night we had an early tea and then went to see the movie Mr Pip.  Hugh Laurie was one of the actors and he has long been a favourite from the time of the Black Adder television series to his more recent role in the drama series House.  Despite mediocre reviews we found it thought provoking and quite confronting.

While all our activities over the weekend fill my emotional tanks and recharge my batteries I did get to think about other elements of our life that bring a quality that helps relieve the pressure and mundaneness of it all.  Some time ago the MOTH (man of the house) and I cleaned up the back yard which was a no man’s land and dumping ground for anything and everything.  We had avoided the clean up because it was a big job for which neither of us could muster any enthusiasm for.  However, with the iPod perched on top of one of the bins belting out our favourite tunes we were soon in the swing of it .

A Few of My Favourite Things

A Few of My Favourite Things

The collage above has a picture of mangoes which are one of my favourite fruits; and I have been known to enjoy a glass or three of sparkling rose.  On New Year’s eve we celebrated with friends at Wangi Wangi on the shores of Lake Macquarie and watched the fireworks over the water – good food, good company and entertainment that went off.  The pelican, kookaburra and kangaroo are amazing creatures with Aussie attitude, I enjoy watching them. The exquisite coastal scenery of the east coast means we’re travelling so that in itself is a stress buster.

It has taken a long time but the past few weekends I’ve relaxed personal expectations about what I ought to be doing and given myself free time.  I found that having guilt-free down time I actually achieved more.  Something to try at work ?


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