Food and Jolly Good Company: Pressure Relief Valve No 3

Here in the bright and shiny new month of January we, who have challenged ourselves to blogging every day this month, are deconstructing the word pressure. We’ve explored how we respond to stress both external and internal; identified pressure that motivates us to succeed and spurned pressure that emotionally unhinges us. Some have offered eloquent pieces while others have taken the opportunity to have just the teeniest rant (it felt very good). But over the next two days I’ll be sharing activities that help me to depressurise.

Photo by SqueasyPeasy

Photo by SqueasyPeasy

Dining outdoors is a double blessing and a wonderful way to end the week in warmer seasons. The unwinding is quicker on a Friday night as the weekend lies ahead. Neither routine nor obligations and two whole days to do with as we please. Bliss. And double the blissfulness with a Friday night drink, a Greek salad made with homegrown ingredients, the good company of the MOTH (man of the house) and a balmy evening on which to relish all these elements.

Good food and something to look forward to are definite stress-busters for this girl. The promise of good weather, being able to get into the garden and sink my hands in the good earth will melt away any lurking stress.

Life under the southern cross doesn’t get much better.

I wonder what your stress-busters are?

Photo by SqueasyPeasy

A perfect end to a good week.


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