Press my Buttons

Driving into work this morning thinking about today’s post and so many scintillating ideas and clever comments were stacking up.  I couldn’t wait to jot them down in anticipation of being able to sit and write an entire blog in ten minutes.  The closer I got to work the more excited I became, I’ve never managed a blog in ten minutes, but here was my chance; with so many pressure points the blog would write itself.  Wouldn’t it?

Physical pressure points aren’t something that concern me overly.  If something needs to be pressed here so that something over there recovers then the osteopath gets to press here and there and soon everywhere is feeling pretty jolly good.  If it’s not pressure that my body needs to heal itself the homoeopath sorts me out.

However pressure as in ‘Press my Buttons” is my domain.  I feel a no holds barred rant on the bubble.  Where to start …


Inane and/or patronising comments in a situation fraught with emotion provide no support for the person, or persons, in distress.  The same goes for those religious platitudes meant to make us feel better in the midst of a catastrophe.  “God, never gives us more than we can handle.”    Really, well what was 2013 all about?  I saw and heard of people in 2013 with more than they could handle.  How about flippancy and put downs?  Glib remarks meant to get a laugh at the expense of someone’s dignity.  Uh uh, not cool. I’m embarrassed for you and crying on the inside for the shamed person.  When someone diminishes my endeavours by interrupting with a bigger and better story my blood heats up.  Why do it, does it make them feel superior or are they totally disconnected from the human race.

I get annoyed when I’m asked for an opinion and then either interrupted or ignored.  If people aren’t prepared to hear the wrong answer why ask?  It doesn’t make me feel like I’ve been consulted.  I feel used.

Shopping Etiquette

It is not okay to park your car somewhere designated for a person with a disability or a mother with children.  The mother may choose to ask you to move but you’re probably arrogant as well as ignorant so she may decide not to because she has a car full of whiny scratchy kids and doesn’t need your one finger salute or stream of conscious verbal vomit.  The person with a disability has an issue with mobility making it difficult to get in and out of their vehicle which makes it even harder for them to ask you to move.  Stop it, it’s unnecessary. Use some consideration and park elsewhere.

It is thoughtless to take a supermarket trolley with twin baby seats so that your baby can occupy one seat and your handbag the other. Mums with twins in the grocery store are superheros and deserve these trolleys so their babies can sit beside each other.  Your handbag does not need company.   While we’re here another button-presser is when mum is having a difficult time with the kids, older people would rather stare and tut tut than actually help.  We quickly forget how difficult those years can be.  Parents of young children need to buy food and need to take care of their children.  Sometimes they need to do both at the same time!  Here’s a novel idea.  Why not let these mums jump the queue.  It may add five minutes to the wait but makes her trip that much quicker.  Standing in the express checkout lane some years ago the cashier politely asked the man with the full trolley which twelve items he’d like to put through.  Darling you made my day.

Urban Assault Vehicles

Four wheel drive vehicles weren’t intended for the city, people!  There are no dirt roads in the city nor are there steep mountains or muddy rivers to forge in the city.  No one can see past you in traffic which is a hazard. That you pay the same road taxes as others annoys me more than a smidge.  Your vehicle hogs the road and it seems like most of you have an attitude that makes the rest of us feel like we have no right to be there.  When you cut in front of us we pull back because we don’t want to get crushed.  Your lack of road manners stretches other road users’ courtesy which you feel entitled to without reciprocity.

If you own one of these vehicles and do not behave in any of the above-mentioned irritating and rude ways I assume the vehicle was a gift. Sell it.  Then join the rest of us as we consider our carbon footprint and seek to minimise our environmental impact by driving smaller cars – they’re called SEDANS.


Please turn off your mobile phone.  Yes the sign on the wall is for you and I know you can read because you write condescending emails regularly.  Everyone deserves the same amount of air space.  What you have to say is not that innovative or interesting, even.  I’m confused about why it’s okay for you to interrupt absolutely everyone in the meeting.  Your tertiary qualifications may be staggering, but sweetheart your capacity for rudeness and arrogance are equally staggering.

Then there’s the minute taker who ‘mistakenly’ leaves out decisions they didn’t agree with so next week we have to regurgitate the entire debate.  It makes me belligerently stick to my guns by which time compromise is not on part of my vocab let alone on my radar.  You are in my sights.

In the words of Forrest Gump:  “That’s all I’m going to say about that”.

I’m out of breath and the timer has passed the 10 minute mark.  Thank goodness this is the last post of the week.  Tomorrow I get to talk about my pressure relief valves.  I think I need them.


6 thoughts on “Press my Buttons

  1. Pet peeves are such a fun, universal topic. Inattentive drivers is one for me, whether they are eating, on the phone, or just driving like a knucklehead. Lack of manners is another one – please, thank you, not cutting in line, RSVP’ing when asked, responding to texts/emails in a timely manner, etc.


  2. My pet peeve is people who have private conversations on their cell phones in public. I don’t need to hear about your yeast infections, your horrible marriage, or your son in jail. And I certainly do not need to hear you screaming at your significant other.


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