One Step at a Time

Yesterday was a non-working Monday – the best kind – I usually have a long list of pleasurable things to fill in ‘me time’.  However, I felt sluggish and uninspired by anything on my to do list, my list of favourite activities didn’t appeal and nothing on the boredom buster list took my fancy.  It was a quandary I’m not familiar with and disconcerting to be casting about with dissatisfaction wondering how I was going to use my precious day, a day I look forward to each fortnight. 

Being in a no-man’s-land and and a funk I sat down at the keyboard and let my ‘fingers do the walking’.  I had a blog to put up and some reading to do for the Facebook group I’ve joined so sitting and trying to get the focus going was a necessity if anything was going to get done.  The blog posted is evidence that my brain was under-achieving as the content of the blog is not what I like to think of as ‘typical’.  I’m blaming my fingers and diminished cognitive capacity.  Now the blog was done which left reading of Chapter 1 of The Artist’s Way to be done.  Perhaps a cup of coffee and a wander around the garden first …

Unicorn Card One Step at a TimePicking up the The Artist’s Way my eyes lit on the unopened box containing a set of Magical Unicorn Oracle Cards that had been quietly ignored for more than a year.  I do remember the impulse purchase but am at a loss as to why they were never opened.  

When I worked in an alcohol and other drug rehabilitation unit part of the morning activities for residents was to choose a card from the set the worker had selected for the day.  As we went around the group each person shared their card and what significance, if any, the contents of the card held for them.  Remembering the activity as a positive experience I dipped into the box and randomly chose a card.  I’ve shared the card because it breathed life into dreams I’d allowed to die.  

Sometimes when we dare to dream big we have no idea how to bring those dreams to fruition.  The magnitude of the dream overwhelms us and that inner critic is saddled up and charging about undermining our ability to even start the journey.

One Step at a Time:  Lots of little steps make big dreams come true.  The words reminded me that by taking one small step each day and then focussing on the next thing in front to be done by day’s end I would be that many small steps closer to achieving my dream.

When the blog post and reading were completed my thoughts and feelings were quite different from earlier in the morning.  No longer were they two activitie to be ticked off my list.  They were two small, slow and steady steps towards my dream.  

What do you do to help shift a lagging mood or spirit?    


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