Is there Life after Facebook?

What do you want to do less of in 2014?

Facebook graphicA debate taking a lot of head miles recently is the amount of time I spend on Facebook inanely trawling other peoples’ pages.  It isn’t that my life is so boring I live voyeuristically through on-line postings.  It’s because working full time precludes a full on social life.  To stay connected with friends I browse their pages to see where they’ve been, what they’ve done and with whom they’re doing and being.  It’s a sad indictment to be sure and as already confessed is taking a lot of  head space, which could be more productively used for dreaming up wonderful blogging posts.

Blogging is a new creative outlet for me and one I’m enjoying the more I keep at it.   Therefore I’ve decided that the time I spend on Facebook could be spent improving my writing skills.  In anticipation of Facebook withdrawals I’ve signed up for January 2014 NaBloPoMo which already excites me with two days left of December’s challenge.  Over the last month I will have managed to post 28/31 days – quite unimaginable two months ago when I started with November NaBloPoMo.


Initially I was lured into the social networking world to keep tabs on my children, both of whom were living away from home and not good at keeping in touch.  To that end Facebook has done well; one child now keeps in regular contact while I continue to read how the other is doing through posts and comments on their Facebook page.  Over the years I have been diligent to limit ‘friends’ to those people with whom I actually do life.  However, others have crept in because they are friends of my children, an acquaintance from a two week holiday, people in a writing group I left four years ago and so on.  It seemed mean not to accept their offer of friendship.  Would I miss them? Probably not.   Then there are family members who were befriended in the early days before the lights went on as to how it all worked.  They could read everything about me while posting zilch about themselves.  Recently more than a few have been de-friended.  The question is can I go the whole hog and leave Facebook behind.

Objectively, maybe ten are true bona fide friends, or family members, of whom it would be true to say I do life with.    I’m hoping those people will remain in touch by phone, if they have credit, or email, if they can be bothered to tap out an entire email on their smart phone.  Email … such an old fashioned idea of writing letters and telling stories, instead of posting diddy text messages or hitting the ‘Like” button because you’re too tired to think of some brilliant and witty remark.  So forgive me if I sound self righteous but I’m thinking out loud and weighing up the pros and cons.  In the end I just have to find the courage to actually hit that delete button.  

Have you done that yet?  Deleted your Facebook account?  If you have I want to hear how it panned out for you? Are you emotionally well (tongue in cheek), and coping with life without the 643 friends? How is life after Facebook?  Anyone?





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