Small tree/Big tree?

Time to start thinking about tomorrow’s blog which is to decide whether a small tree or a big tree is better at Christmas time. As this is the first year we’ve been camping in December since the children were small, and were still excited about family holidays, we notice that festive camping etiquette has changed. Fairy lights, flashing candy sticks, Santa and reindeer and of course Christmas trees appear standard camping paraphernalia if doing it at Christmas. We have fairy lights and a Christmas tree 2/5 ain’t bad.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADeciding to spend Christmas at the beach camping was the perfect reason to leave all the festive trappings behind, safely stowed on the top shelf of the linen cupboard. For the kids’ sake we did make an effort and nonchalantly flung a solitary string of red tinsel on a nearby branch and hummed out twinkle twinkle little star the night before Christmas. I don’t remember the MOTH (man of the house) ever humming along mind you. But ever the optimist and maybe he too has taken note of the new seasonal etiquette. A glass or two of best boxed red under his belt so things can only get better.

In the spirit of things we have brought a Christmas tree this year. See! we aren’t totally humbugging the event after all, even if we did escape the usual hustle and bustle of commercialism. So we headed down to the bay to make a wreath in which to place our tree. Despite a lot of encouragement the MOTH did not hum twinkle twinkle so I was left to belt out a few carols alone. The special trip to the beach was to find suitable seaside wreath-making material and float the notion that a small tree is better than a large tree at Christmas time.

Mission accomplished we returned to our campsite the scenic route appreciating other camper’s efforts and were impressed with the level of creativity.

One set of campers has made their tree from sticks and decorated it with solar lights; quirky but festive nonetheless. Our neighbours, on the other side, have a large tree decorated with empty beer cans. They’re a bit of talking point around here with the biggest caravan on site, two jet skis, a dingy, a satelite dish, fishing rods and a flagpole proudly flying the Australian flag – mate she’s a ripper! And everything is black, apart from the flag: black caravan, black jet skis, black 4 wheel drive utes, they even wear black only clothing topped off with black caps. We’re obviously missing something here; Gothic campers? Two guys and a girl, you have to wonder, don’t you? Oh yes the Christmas tree. It’s a stoic thing already groaning under the load, albeit aluminium light, of beer cans and there’s two days to go. Bets are on as to who gives in the first: the overladed Christmas or the two guys and one girl having tenaciously emptied the cans. Perhaps I’ll pop over and fly the less is more idea … but then maybe not, the boys look quite buff and she looks hard enough to tongue-lash for Australia.


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