Day 1 of Christmas camping break: Hawks Nest

Leaving the office and heading away for our camping break for Christmas we barely noticed the 39C temperature.  With the long week behind and a week at the beach to look forward it seemed the last thing to be concerned about was how warm it was.  Heat, sunshine, the sea, the beach and a kindle loaded with new books are the stuff of holiday dreams.  The promise of sitting under the stars listening to the sea and night bush sounds was enough to give us renewed energy after the toll of the last few weeks.  Hey people!  There are 51 other weeks in the year why is it that the last week is when it all has to happen.  I don’t understand how your procrastination should constitute a crisis for me.  So no!  The deadline has past, the work won’t be done for you and next year there will be another 51 weeks in which you can multi-task and still get nothing done.

I forgot that’s miles behind us now so on with the holiday.  The campsite at Hawks Nest, NSW, Australia is situated on a peninsula with the bay on one side and the open ocean on the other.  Utopia for a pair of aging beach bums.  The main part of the camper trailer went up in record time after which we stopped for a cuppa. Brewing the billy in the fresh air listening to cicadas chirping loudly soon dispelled any thoughts of work. We set up a table and prepared a snack which turned into tea as we were both hungry. While we were unpacking our camping neighbour introduced herself and made sure we were okay with their vehicle being parked where it was. No problem, we’re pretty relaxed but appreciated her thoughtfulness.  We’ve had some incredibly incosiderate camping neighbours in the past and human nature being what it is they are the ones we tend to laugh about.

20131221-095255.jpgOnce watered and fed we headed down to the bay to check out the swimming conditions and cool off as it was very warm pottering about In such high temperatures. The fine white sand squeaked under our bare feet – nature’s pedicure.  We had walked a short distance down the beach trying to find a spot free from seaweed of which there were none so we took the plunge.  and braced ourselves against what was at first very chill waters.  The bay was calm as a mill pond and the water at first bracing but wonderfully refreshing.  After our swim we dried off and sat watched families enjoying the calm water and playing with their young children in the shallows.

A light breeze soon cooled the evening down and we slept well, as we always do when away camping.


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