Lost blog: Best offering

So how’s that heart-stopping moment when you realise  the blog you’ve been saving and saving is no longer saving and in fact has just disappeared altogether!  This is a first for me and before I even sat down to contribute to NaBloPoMo it had been a long day.  Wordpress, this is not what I needed tonight, or any other night as it happens.

It was to have been an excerpt from my life story about my first experience of being a pupil at a convent.  Yes part of it was a cut and paste from another document, but it was also a re-edit with the addition of  historical context, which I really enjoyed researching.  All that effort, editing and excitement as I watched the piece grow and flow … all gone, nada to show for three hour’s work.  Am reaching for the box of tissues.  I’m so pleased I’ve committed to this challenge otherwise I’d be chucking in the towel about now.  But no, I need to complete this and we’re not half way yet. Things will improve, won’t they?  Please someone tell me you recover and move forward.  I feel quite ill.  

Instead of the intended post I’m offering a photo of my school as it stands today.  It is how I remember it when I attended in 1966-68.  St Theresa’s Convent, Rosebank, Gauteng, South Africa.

St Theresa's Convent


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