Why December 2013 NaBloPoMo

The NaBloPoMo badge in the left hand column stands for National Blog Post Month.  The goal is to post daily to your blog as the saying goes the more you do something the better you become at it, in this case writing.  Prioritising and committing to a daily task helps restore discipline and helps with creativity.  Each month has a theme and this month’s is More or Less, challenging writers to de-clutter and explore opportunities to make do with less in any/all aspects of their lives, including writing.

The original idea of NaBloPoMo was to increase individual blogging circles, encourage creativity and improve our writing skills.  When the dishes are done and I finally sit down with a hot drink to write something for the blogroll I have to silence the inner critic and put procrastination out the door.  There isn’t time to rehash a piece a dozen times, one or two redrafts and it’s published.  That one word – publish – sets the words free for the eyes of the world wide web.

I participated in November’s NaBloPoMo on my other blog seductively called Pampered Pussy (mind out of the gutter) which you’ll find here http://macprotea.wordpress.com.  While it was a real push many days I managed to post on most weekdays giving myself the weekends off.  It was such an experience and encouragement that I decided to sign up for December’s blogroll too.  Most of my posts will be on the Pampered Pussy blog site but there will be a week’s worth on this site as we’ll be away in our camper trailer from 19th – 26th December.   It would have been easy to let myself off the hook for that week but the goal this month is to put more posts up than I managed last month; so far so good.

How are you going?  Do you post on weekends too?  Why/Why not?  I’m interested to hear your story too.


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