Days 8 and 9: Batlow Gathering

We got up early early this morning, still dark, and there was a thick covering of ice on the car, how cold is that.

Two very laid back days unwinding and watching campers arrive and set up. Some amazing rigs and one two camps down from ours is worth $98K and it doesn’t look to have the room our little rig has. The boys all gather and tell each other long tales about why, where and when they bought their particular piece of equipment and how good it is and how well they’ve modified it. Des next to us has all the gizmos that open shut, heat, cool, forecast the weather, cook anything from pizza to a full roast meal and even bake a cake. We’re camped between Ken on the one side and Des who both have a wealth of trailer camping experience.  We are the babes for sure.

We walked around the golf course this afternoon in the sunshine. The countryside is beautiful and again lush and green and apple blossoms starting to sprout over the orchards. Batlow with its colder climate is known for its apples. Rotary have arranged two large hexagonal shaped cardboard boxes of apples for campers to have for a gold coin donation. Last night we had stewed Granny Smith’s with cranberries and greek yoghurt topped with coconut cream: yum yum.

Tonight (Sunday) was the ‘official opening’ of the week long gathering. Everyone gathered in the hall and after Welcome to Country we were welcomed to the area and the 9th CamperTrailer Gathering. Rotary members and two Shire Councillors attended and gave Batlow a bit of a rah rah and encouraged us to spend locally which I’m sure we’ll have no problem doing. About 200 adults and children attended what was an interesting a fun hour. Those of us for whom this was the first annual gathering were invited to introduce ourselves and say something about ourselves.

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