Day 7: Canberra to Batlow

Packed up and left Canberra headed north and onto the Hume Highway on our way to Batlow for the week of the CamperTrailer annual gathering. The scenery of the Riverina reminded us of New Zealand: lush rolling hills sprinkled with sheep and dairying and dry stock. Stopped at Jugiong for lunch and found ourselves in the midst of the annual Police Remembrance day for all the policemen/women who had died whilst doing their duty. A small four horse procession down the main road made their way to a memorial where the ceremony was to take place. When the Australian national anthem played one of the horses reared throwing the rider and itself to the ground.

We picnicked at a pretty spot beside the Murrimbidgee River not far from Gundagai.

We did a big shop at Gundagai and then found our way to the show grounds at Batlow. Head for the white jeep and you’ll find Rob ready to register you for the gathering and true enough there he was. We collected our show bag, name and tent tags and set up camp next to Des on one side and Ken and Olga on the other.

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