Day 11: Batlow, CamperTrailer Gathering 2013 and we’re triumphant at trivia

…. and down came the rain …. and the wind blew … and oh so cold! The tent flapped so hard and loud I thought we would be airborne until Basil pegged down everything that moved. It was so feral that we made a coffee and hopped back into bed until 11am and read books, did Sudoku and caught up with email.

Later we hopped into the car and set out for a jaunt into Tumut. The countryside again reminded us of New Zealand, so green and lots of pine forestry. The first stopped was the Visitors’ Centre to top up with maps for the onward journey after Batlow next Saturday. We popped our head into the Tumut Broom Factory which is like stepping back in time to the 1940s.

The McDonalds in Tumut provided us with free and very slow wifi to download emails and catchup with Facebook. We stopped in at Coles to stock up the pantry and dodged the torrential rain back to the car and headed over to check out one of the dams that are part of the Snowy River Hydro Electric Scheme.

The Blowering Dam is on the Tumut River. The valley residents were evacuated to make way for the dam and the system and relocated elsewhere. Such a beautiful location and fascinating to read the history about the entire scheme.

The dam wall is 760 meters which we walked there and back. At the spillway end we could see down to the dam shores where a family of five wallabies were foraging amongst the stones; very well camouflaged and as interested in us as we were in them.

In the evening we wandered across to the Bowling Club for Trivia Night which was a blast. Most campers had sorted themselves into teams during the day but as we were out all day we were tacked onto a table of 5 and then topped up with three other campers to bring our numbers up to 10 which was the maximum per table. Table 6, which was us, won the night by 3 points. Neither Basil nor I have participated in such a night for a long time and we were surprised at how knowledgeable a group of people who don’t know each other can be when their combined experiences and general knowledge is pooled. Our reward for the night was a photo of the Batlow Big Apple with a blue rosette in one corner and the CamperTrailer logo on the other side clipped on a lanyard. Yay, go the Beaudacious Batlow Blowins. We also got the elaborate trophy which needs to be engraved and returned next year.

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