Day 1: Shellharbour, Illawara and South Coast, NSW

Packed the trailer and car and we were away before lunch and with gratitude to Google maps and light traffic we were having a late lunch at Bulli Lookout around 2pm. Cold despite the sun being out and a cloudless sky. Tuna fish salad for lunch, fresh fruit and a cup of tea restored our senses of humour and helped to increase the lagging blood sugar levels. The restaurant at the lookout had a good selection of maps of the regions we will be passing through so we collected up a number to have on hand to help navigate our way to and from the various attractions.

The lookout platform hung over a huge precipice which was a bit unnerving but worth the butterflies as we looked out far to the south and north to the furthest point. The Port Kembla steel works stacks to the south were a land mark hard to miss as the were on a long finger of land that pointed out to sea.

We arrived at Shell Harbour and set up camp in record time. High 5s all round – good effort. Staying for three nights we set the kitchen and pantry up and sorted all the lights so we could enjoy our time with all the perks of glamping. We headed into the village to get some bourbon for sundowners. Our tent site is one road back from the rocky shore front. One can’t help feel relaxed and in holiday mojo as the waves break against the rocks meters from the tent.

The temperature fell quickly once the sun set so we donned our track pants and polar fleece jackets as we sat outside enjoying well earned wine for Basil and bourbon for me with some crackers and cheese. Lovely end to our first day.

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