The Land of Confusion: Behaviour

Daily Prompt: Land of Confusion

Tell us about a time when you felt out of place.

The land of confusion used to be an unknown destination to me.   However, it’s becoming a familiar cognitive destination was it ambushes my clarity and focus.  It’s not fair.

It was easier to shrug off nastiness as a young person, now it just confuses me.  What is the point of violence and self-centredness in all its manifestations.  I spend time being confused by people’s thoughtlessness like before.   So I am thinking that having gathered many life experiences along the journey instead of becoming desensitised to other’s bad behaviours, we are more acutely aware how our own behaviours affect other people.  Of course some people never reach that point of emotional maturity instead they barrel through life trampling on our sensitivities.  For goodness sake where is their self-awareness –  could they really have none?

I’m confused by the trauma we inflict on each other in the struggle to have the biggest, the best of everything, especially the grab of natural resources for which we’re willing to kill.   Why is news synonymous with disaster.  And why do the drug-induced antics of sporting figures and “pollie tanties” get prime air time.  Forgive me but I’m confused, how is this good role-modelling for our children.   The programming police are concerned at the level of violence in some cartoons to which our children are exposed yet misbehaving sporting figures and politicians get aired on all TV channels several times a day.  It confuses me that they  become celebrities when they should be regarded as the ignominious nit wits they truly are.

When did we become so disconnected from the values that bind us together as a society.  Values like truth and setting a good example for our children.  The value of generosity that would steer us away from our post-modern capitalist land-grabbing endeavours.  What were occasional bouts of confusion have become a regular feature of my day and all I have to do is turn on the TV or read the news headlines.

Help me someone I’m old and confused and quite lost.




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