NaBloPoMo: What I’ve learned about daily blogging

What I’ve learned about daily blogging.

A lot as it happens, about others’ interests and word crafting skills but most of all about myself.

I’ve learned that I’m not a writer just someone who enjoys having a say on many different topics so I’m getting into this blogging gig.  Blogs take off on tangents so varied that responses range from inspirational to bizarre (but highly enjoyable).  In their unique way bizarre blogs intrigue me; they put to the page thoughts I’d never consider letting loose in any company.  I love them and many make me laugh out loud for their honesty.  Go you, I’m cheering you on.

I learned that making time to write doesn’t always coincide with the creative flow.  The amazing thoughts and partly written sentences that brimmed potential just waft away like so many clouds with the wind behind them.  The pressure to be still be tapping and backspacing and re-tapping, writing, crossing out and then retyping is unnerving.  It takes discipline to push aside the usual tasks I do after work each night and get my mojo on to blog out a piece to contribute.  The enormous efforts made by others shames me when I think perhaps I’ll pass or just post a photo.  I’m holding off on the photo contribution because I don’t want to start dumbing down the effort involved in improving one’s craft.

Before starting the daily post for November I read through many of the pieces filled with tips and experience about how to maintain the focus and commitment.  That helped because it taught me that even a small post, even a few words or a photo are okay.  That encourages me and takes the pressure off.  This post is two days late but here it is and tomorrow’s will be in the pipeline soon.



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