What’s in a Name

It seems my name is just fine because, unlike other parts of the persona that is me, people haven’t tried to bastardise it into some kind of diminutive endearment.  At primary school there were three of us in one class with the same first name but we  worked around it well because I have no memory of it being an issue.

With negative connotations of  snake and beguiling I shrugged off the finding-the-meaning-of-your-name time with friends and decided instead to accept my name.  Having discarded the silliness of being tied to character traits that in no way resembled how I felt I settled into ‘blooming wherever I’m planted’.  It’s been a life philosophy and keeps me motivated to accept the positive nature of wherever I am, with whomever I am, and whatever it is we’re doing.  It’s been a rewarding philosophy.  So my name is not something I’ve thought about much.  My brother calls me Loo which I like.

November’s NaBloPoMo prompt stirred me when I read ‘Ordinary Average Thoughts'” contribution.  It invited me to visit a website that delved a little deeper into the meaning of names.  Any interpretation would be better  than ‘snake’ and ‘beguiling’ so why not and a very interesting side journey from the blog it has been.  My personal name report was hardly a revelation but it was fascinating.  The said name report states that my name ‘has formed an independent, positive and determined personality’.  Wow, I thought it was my attitude to life and personal character traits that had helped inform my personality.  The report goes on for pages identifying personal attributes that do make me who I am: loyal, like detail, logical, a listener and so on.

I’m an INFP according to Myers Briggs:  someone who is introverted, creative and holds strong ethics.  Yes definitely I am all of those and work in a sector of the community which nurtures the idealism of a cause.  However, I am more than personality traits just as I am more than my name.  While one report gives credit to my name and another to my personality traits I give credit to the individual who navigates life’s ups and downs with fortitude, a positive regard for humanity and a love of life.  Labels and scales do not define me and neither does my name.

I wouldn’t change my name; it’s one of the few constants in life.




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