Daily Prompt: NaBloPoMo: Intense

nablopomo_november_smallDaily Prompt:  Intense

Injustice, inequity, cooperation and diversity are some of the values I aspire to in both work and play.  Butt against these in play time and I’m more likely to shrug it off.  However, at work it’s a different thing.  Social justice is high on my list of things worth a passionate, enthusiastic, spirited, zealous and emotional response.  In short I’m  ‘intense’ about championing the cause of the underdog.  Lethargy and blasé indifference,  two characteristics of burearocracy I find quite extraordinary,  seem to be “essential criteria” for civil servants.

Recently I accompanied a client to a meeting at a government welfare office.   The civil servant behind the tall counter was immaculately dressed and perched on the swivel bar stool.  She was engrossed in conversation with her colleague and attending to her nail care with remarkable diligence.  All attempts by my client to attract their attention were quashed by such withering looks that he gave up: beaten – again.  Apparently he was invisible.

It made me angry.  Disgusted with the officers’ combined ignorance I was fired up for warfare.   Getting up, I pounced the palm of my hand off the desk bell and loudly requested attention which I duly received.  Why treat someone with such disregard and behave in such a superior and condescending manner.  It beggars belief but the attitude and rudeness towards those whose vulnerabilities are apparent is rife in our post modern welfare system.



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