Day 2: Shellharbour, Illawara and South Coast, NSW

The markets came to the village, no gypsies but plenty of scented candles all boasting unique trade secrets in their manufacture. I feel spoiled surrounded by the fragrance of a specially selected candle and remembering the person’s story of how they’ve been making candles for so many years. Knowing I’ve contributed to their sustainability while enjoying the product makes me feel supportive of their endeavours as well as adding value to my own. At another stall fresh asparagus and green beans so freshly picked they taste better raw than cooked. Snap and crunch, delicious.

Had a trip into Shellharbour shopping mall, City Centre, for supplies and to get the gas bottle filled again. No good not having gas to boil the billy for cups of tea. Very warm again today and shade hard to chase around our campsite which has no trees to sit under. Today we are being ‘blessed’ by the all girl camping party’s loud rap music from their car with its doors open and the volume turned up loud. Never mind heading off for an explore on foot to find the beach a little south of here. The little aerobatic plan is going through its paces again this afternoon. Tumbles, rolls and loop-de-loops; looks like fun. Beautiful skies and cloud formations to be playing in.

We had a ride into the city of Shellharbour to refill the gas bottle. We dropped the bottle at the station and continued to the supermarket to get some chicken for a Thai curry for dinner. Inside the huge shopping complex was one of the best fish markets we had seen. We couldn’t resist fresh salmon for dinner; Thai curry would have to wait for another night. After the billy boiled thanks to the replenished gas bottle we took a wander southwards along the beach towards some interesting structures right on the shore. One looked like some kind of loading facility off to one side and the other was hundreds of tons of rusted steel enclosing large earth working machinery. No clues about what was being excavated or what purpose all the secrecy guarded. It reminded me of some ancient structure or maybe even something out of Game of Thrones.

Grey clouds quashed any ideas we may have had about a swim so we paddled along the shore enjoying the foot massage from the shell sand. Tessellated rocks, a river mouth, seaweed clumps and a cuttlefish made the walk interesting providing good photo opportunities.

Having decided on early showers tonight we had time to enjoy our wine and bourbon by the seaside overlooking Port Kembla and the ocean baths of Little Park. We had the best tea and doubt any restaurant in town could have done better. Fresh salmon, asparagus, broccoli, red capsicum and Thai rice – delicious. The lemongrass candle helped make our candlelit dinner a fine affair notwithstanding the lack of dinner ware with periwinkles!

We’re both so relaxed it’s hard to believe we’ve only been away two days. Sitting under the stars enjoying the sea breeze and contemplating tomorrow’s adventure up the coast. Oi, what’s this, rain! Regroup inside and it’s stopped.

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One thought on “Day 2: Shellharbour, Illawara and South Coast, NSW

  1. I love Shellharbour, though it isn’t as beautiful as it was when I was a child collecting shells on the shore.
    That structure you mention is where gravel from the nearby quarry was shipped up and down the coast. The quarry is still there and still operational at Bass Point. There are some lovely walks down to the water from the cliffs at Bass Point.


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