6. Today I am thankful for …

A friend became a grandmother for the second time yesterday. We shared in her joy in the birth of her new granddaughter. It made me think of the hope new life brings. It reminded me of the birth of our first grandchild; a grandson.  Odin Basil Strydom.  All the promise wrapped in that small body. The life that will flow from that baby, fulfilling his family’s expectations and dreams for him. The joy he will bring and the potential he has encapsulated in his small body.   At birth he had character traits that establish his personality. His birth as a first child sets in motion a destiny shared by many firstborn children: commitment, leadership, and a greater sense of responsibility than siblings that may follow. His life miraculously entwines us all. His paternal grandparents become a part of our lives.  We will always share the ups and downs of his life, just as we shared  the pleasures in his first windy smiles, baby chuckles and first steps.

New birth reminds me that there is always hope. I am thankful for the reminder.


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