5. Today I am thankful for …

Time created in my day when clients cancelled their appointments.  Not often I feel this way but today I was able to spend time on court reports for clients and putting together subpoena documents.  Reflecting on the day it was definitely a blessing that the cancellations happened as they did.  As one task was completed the second client cancelled opening the way to complete the second other urgent task.   Rather than being the usual cause for frustration the clients unwittingly created an opportunity for me to complete some other important work.  For me the most important work I do is with my clients, face-to-face.

As an opportunity that came from nowhere it restructured my day; leant focus.  When I met with my last client my mind was clear and listening to her was easier.  I appreciated the break in routine and being able to do something unrelated to client crisis or trauma counselling.  Next time a client cancels and I’m tempted to feel frustrated, I hope I’ll remember to pull out the to-do list and use the opportunity.


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