Saint Patrick's Day 2011

Is this really who we’re honouring on St Patrick’s Day? It seems so from the activities that usually take place in pubs.


Have You Seen This Leprechaun? Happy St. Patrick’s Day to One and All!

I was born in Mombasa, Kenya, grew up and was educated in South Africa, emigrated to New Zealand when I was 25 and moved to Australia in 2003. No nothing Irish there … So why would I celebrate St Patrick’s Day?

My experience of St Patrick’s day is one of silliness to the observer (fun to the participant no doubt) and drunkenness (fun to the participant again no doubt until the next morning). The onlooker would be forgiven for thinking that St Patrick was the patron saint of drunks and larrikins. It’s an opportunity for all the pubs named Flannigans to boost their coffers by shipping in green beer, serve up artificially coloured green food and turn their patrons gills green with copious tankards of beer. All to celebrate St Pat. He’s probably very flattered to be remembered in such a way.

Perhaps there are some who honour him differently. I don’t know any of them. Their celebrations aren’t noteworthy of the media.

So no I don’t celebrate St Patrick’s Day.

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