I wonder …

In the sunshine we cheer the lotto winner, especially if we perceive them as being deserving. We laugh at the antics of a two year old and young animals melt our hearts. Natural wonders take our breath away and when we sit beside the meandering stream our jagged nerves are soothed. The uni graduate stands elated on the brink of new opportunities. The family embraces the graduates success and acknowledges the hard work and sacrifices made. We delight in a new friendship, a new purchase (or ‘toy’) and good news which energises us and brings joy and quality to our day. We acknowledge personal endeavours, pay homage to our natural abilities: “It’s in the genes, you know.” Irrepressible purpose propels us towards our goals, fuels our ambitions to reach for more; when will enough be enough? I wonder …

On the cloudy day we gather our strength. With body bent to the grist we grind our way step by labourious step to reach day’s end – exhausted. “Life is hard.” “I shouldn’t have to go through this.” “Where’s help when you need it?” “Life’s not fair.” The valleys drop away and loneliness draws near as a companion to haunt and mock. Cliches are recalled: ups and downs, valleys and mountains, the good, the bad and the indifferent. Days draw out. Innate abilities have deserted. I wonder …

A child dies. Mother is terminally ill. The family is wiped out in a car accident. Hunger kills a child every second of every day. A state of anomie is on the increase as morals degenerate, fear increases and we become obsessed with personal safety and freedom. The victim has less access to justice than the perpetrator. And we ask … Where is God? I wonder …

God is in the friend who stands alongside the hospital bed. He is the friend who brings comfort. He is practical help and the voice of compassion. He is the understanding and reflective listener – and He is grossly offended by injustice. He is in the truth of every reality regardless of our perception of that reality. He is in the midst of it … not the cause of it. I wonder …

So it’s interesting to muse that when things are going well we are the forgers of our own fantastic destiny. When our self-made history crumbles we accuse God. I wonder ….


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