Negotiating the new season

The first day I could sleep in for over 12 months and I was awake with the kookaburras at 4.45am.  Having lain listening to Basil snoring beside me for over an hour I got up.  It felt strange to be up at that hour and not have to head to the study and flick open a study book and settle down to a couple of hour’s study before breakfast.  Cleared emails, responded to a few, checked the uni forum.  My nephew – Will – popped up on his mum’s Facebook and initiated a chat.  Exchanged experiences of hanging in there the last few weeks of the long summer holidays.  He said that he’s read to go back to school and catch up with friends he hasn’t seen over the holidays.  Had similar memories of school holidays – not all things change.

Had baked an orange and poppyseed cake last night so a few pieces to take to a sick friend then tidied up one of the tables in the dining room.  Time swivelled around quickly and it was 9.30 – headed out the door to meet friends (Linda V and Lis) in Rathmines for coffee. The restaurant is owned by a Croatian couple, Danny and his wife, who had previously set up and successfully built up a good clientele at their restaurant – Pistachio – in Toronto.  We had coffee this morning and I’m looking forward to returning for an evening meal.  Maybe our 30th wedding anniversary in a few weeks’ time.

One of the things I found myself talking about was one of my 2010 goals.  Gently releasing acquaintances/”friends” who deplete my energy levels.  There was much laughter as Linda said ‘just say no’ and Lis and I wondered whether we could be that strong.  In the end we all conceded we would all struggle with the reality of actually following through.  However, it’s a challenge I’ve put to myself.  It is something that has been presented in a number of different ways lately.  Either through friends talking of similar understandings or through daily readings of spiritual literature.  Negotiating the new season is about surrounding myself with people who encourage, will stand by and cheer me on towards  goals and dreams and remind me what they are when I get weary and forget.  There is no growth in isolation and great strength in friendship.

The laughter was refreshing as we contemplated the topic of tattoos, values and beliefs, friendships and the recent health issues of close family members.  Too soon it was time to tear ourselves away and head in separate directions.

Visited with Mary until 4pm.  Had lunch with her and copied some audio CDs for her to listen to.  Hadn’t realised how time consuming it is so spent a lot longer there than anticipated.


One thought on “Negotiating the new season

  1. Good to see an entry here, Linda. I really enjoyed our get-together with Lis for coffee and chat. Lots of things to think about, but lots of laughter, and that is so important. Lovely to share that with good friends.
    I have bookmarked you and will be on the look-out for more entries!


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