Day’s end musings

Been warm here today 40. Email from Herbie her father died today. Did the laundry which dried in record time. Very dry heat with warm wind rushing through at intervals. Wearing sarong – lovely and cool. Been for lots of swims to cool off and relax. Spent some time in the hammock reading sociology – Ch 3; very long.

Watched Hope Springs on ABC1 – always entertaining. Enjoy the British dramas which are cleverly constructed without having to resort to slap stick, bad language or high speed car chases.

Sat on the verandah after Hope Springs, with a cuppa tea and finished reading Ch3. Very pleasant out here – although still high 30s at 10.15 at night. Rounding the night off with a swim another cuppa and then into bed with my book. Decided I needed to be reading for pure pleasure in bed so am reading a novel, a change from biographies.

It’s been a good day – relaxing, achieving and enjoyable.


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